Lamas at Kathok Centre

Khenchen Münsel Rinpoche

Khenchen Münsel  Rinpoche (1916-1994) of Wangchen Topa, Golok; was a highly accomplished and respected Dzogchen Master and scholar who in turn instructed some of the greatest living and present-day Lamas. In his early years Rinpoche travelled all the way from Golok to Degai to enter the main Kathok monestary where he studied under many scholors. Later on he received personal instructions on Dzog-Pa Chen-Po from the most accomplished master of the time Khenpo Nagwang Palzang, an emanation of Vimalimtra. Khenpo Nagwang Palzang predicted that if he continued to accomplish DzogPa ChenPo practice he would benefit countless beings. Even during transitional times in Tibet, when he was imprisoned for many years, he continuously carried on the practice of  Dzogchen  with great diligence, according to Long-Chen Nying-Thig lineage. As Rinpoche had predicted his enlightened practice benefitted countless students in Tibet who were naturally drawn to him although he lived an extremely simple lifestyle in a very remote area. From the many many disciples of Khenpo Münsel  we have the great good fortune to be in the presence of such Masters as H.E. Lingtrul Rinpoche, H.E. Garchen Rinpoche, Sogan Rinpoche and Tulku Karzang.

Lingtrul Rinpoche

Lingtrul Rinpoche (right lower) with Kathok Mosar

Lingtrul Rinpoche is our main teacher and the one who established this retreat center. He is the head of Tra Ling Monastery in Tibet and is an emanation of Longchenpa.

A Brief Biography of H.E. Ven. Lingtrul Kadak Chöying Dorje (Lingtrul Rinpoche)

Lingtrul Rinpoche was recognised from the age of three, by H.H. Kathok Chatsa Rinpoche as the reincarnation of Ling Lama Chökyi Dorje, (the founder of Tra Ling monastery) and thus is an emanation of Longchenpa. He is the 8th throneholder of Tra Ling, a famous monastery  in Golok, Tibet.

He was born in Amdo-Golok in 1955 to a humble nomad  family. Due to conditions at the time his identity was kept secret.

As a young tulku, Lingtrul Rinpoche was forced to work in labor camps and hide any sign of interest in Buddhism. In 1983 there were more enlightened policies and the restrictions on religious practice were lifted. Finally,  Rinpoche was able to return to his own monastary and was officially enthroned. He continuously studied with his tutor with great diligence. Later on he went to meet with his root teacher, the great Khenpo Münsel to receive Dzonchen instructions.

The lineage of the Clear Light Great Perfection teachings began with the Primordial Buddha and was passed gradually from teacher to disciple, through Khenpo Münsel  to Longtrul Rinpoche. As one of Khenpo Münsel’s closest heart sons, Lingtrul Rinpoche received all the transmissions of the Clear Light Great Perfection over a period of 3-4 years. In retreat he practiced all the development stages of the Vajrayana from the preliminary practices through Trekchöd and Todgyal. He also received all of the Longchen Nyingthig transmissions as well as many other empowerments.

At the age of 37, Lingtrul Rinpoche journeyed to central Tibet, Nepal and India to visit the great power spots in these holy lands. While in Sikkim he also met with H.H. Dodrubchen Rinpoche and received many sacred teachings. Shortly thereafter he was invited to the United States.

Lingtrul Rinpoche travels world wide to where he's invited: Tra Ling Monastery in Golok, at ODD in Oakland, California, Tashi Choling and throughout USA, Brazil,  Malaysia, and at Kathok Centre in Qualicum Beach, BC, Canada.

Khenpo Panchen Dawa
Khenpo Panchen Dawa

Khenpo Panchen Dawa is the Abbott of Tra Ling monastery in Golok, Tibet. He is the personal tutor of Lingtrul Rinpoche and Karzang Rinpoche and also he was, himself, a student of both Rinpoches in their previous incarnations. He came to Tra Ling  Monastery when he was 16 and is now in his early 80s. He has lived through intense periods of social change in Tibet and in spite of that he continously maintained great devotion and connection to his lineage.  Khenpo Panchen Dawa is an amazing scholar and accomplished master but he lives a very simple life dilligently continuing in his daily practice. He begins his day meditating from about four in the morning and during the day he only engages in social contact if he has to give very important teachings.  Otherwise he only does his four sessions of practice. His committment to his spiritual practice is very well known and is an inspiration to the people of Golok. He says instead of spending his time traveling and  having social interactions the most beneficial offering he can make is to practice. So due to this recognition he has spent much of his life in mountain retreat and only has taken a few select, dedicated students. Lingtrul Rinpoche and Karzang Rinpoche are very blessed to be two of those few students.

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