The Golden Shrine Gardens are open to the public 9am - 6pm Daily

Guided Tours in June & July are Tuesdays 11am & Saturdays 3pm Meet at the Gift Shop

The Main Temple and the Gift Shop are only open for Tours times

The Golden Buddha at Kathok Centre
For one on one grief support email: penny@kathokcentre.ca By Donation
Please - all visiting dogs must be on a leash and stay in carpark area

Kathok Gonpa Drub Dey Öd Sel Ling

Welcome to Kathok Meditation Centre

Centre of Clear Light

Kathok Centre is Tibetan Buddhist Centre open to the entire community, all faiths are welcome to come and put into practice creating peace within ourselves so we may be of greater benefit to ourselves and all those around us.


The Doorway to Practice:

The Key Points of Dharma

Workshop with Lingtrul Rinpoche and translator

June 20 & 21

For practicing Buddhists and everyone interested in Buddhism

Saturday 1pm - 4pm & Sunday 10am - 2pm with light light lunch included


Kathok Centre offers traditional Buddhist meditation practices in accordance with the Kathok Nyingma Lineage as well as non-denominational lessons and practice on meditation to reduce stress and increase health and sense of mental, physical and spiritual well being. Here at Kathok Centre we follow the ancient teachings of Shakyamuni Buddha who lived 2500 years ago. The Centre is dedicted to creating the opportunity for everyone to utilize and integrate these timeless, humanitarian spiritual values into their daily lives. The highest Buddhist goal is to attain and maintain the perfect union of compassion and wisdom in order to benefit others. This is the path and our collective aspiration here at Kathok Centre.

The Centre also offers practices and companioning for those ill and passing and their families and loved ones.

 We are a registered non- profit society operated and maintained by a dedicated board of volunteers with all expenses supported entirely by donations. Your generosity also supports our resident and visiting Teachers, sponsors special projects and creates opportunities to host cross cultural events, like Meditation retreats, Silent Auctions, Dances and the Oceanside Light Tour, all with the intention of creating peace within and without. Latest research shows that one of the key ingredients of experiential happiness is a deep sense of community and with all of our projects at the temple and through out the oceanside area this is our goal!


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