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For a variety of jewellery visit the Gift Shop in person!

 Tulku Karzang Rinpoche blessing items in the Gift Shop. Everything you receive from the Gift Shop is blessed with the pure spiritual energy of this unbroken lineage.

Mala's or prayer beads are used as a reminder in our everyday life that spirit, or All That Is, Buddha is with us all the time.

Just like each bead is joined together by the string, our day can be a series of events/moments joined together in mindfulness. When we are mindful of our mood, our speech, our actions then we notice how we effect those around us and if we are being helpful or hurtful. You can use your beads to repeat a mantra to cleanse and purify your habitual thoughts.

Sandlewood wrist Mala $15+ shipping

 Pure Blessing water from Kathok Centre. Add one or two drops to your coffee pot, tea pot, pets water, plants water, fish tank, ponds, lakes and oceans to spread the blessings for all! 

Dharma practice Skirt unisex $50 + shipping 

Unisex silk shirt $45 + shipping Various colours

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