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All improvements you see around the centre are made possible by personal donors - THANK YOU!

All donations that come in through meditation sessions, monthly sponsorship, annual memberships, teachings and gift shop go directly to maintain all temple function and paying the mortgage and monthly opperating costs.

Thank you!


Trying to change the world without changing our mind is like trying to clean the dirty face we see in the mirror by scrubbing the glass. However vigorously we clean it, our reflection will not improve. Only by washing our own face and combing our own unkempt hair can we alter the image. Similarly, if we want to help create conditions that foster peace and well-being in the world, we first need to reflect these qualities ourselves. 

— Chagdud Tulku Rinpoche, Change of Heart


  As the great Bodhisattva, Shantideva, said, " The best way to save a drop of water is to send it to the great ocean" So too every contribution of any kind you can make to the Center will create an eternal connection to its enlightened energy. Please consider Kathok Center as the home of your heart.

Your contribution to Kathok Center is fully appreciated and dedicated for the benefit of all beings! 

With sincerity, Tulku Karzang



Becoming a Friend of Kathok Center, or a Member and/or being a Monthly Sponsor is a way of connecting with the intention and activity of Kathok Centre. Everything we do is supported by the generosity of like minded individuals, local and around the globe! You can help by sending contributions specifically for a particular project, listed below, or you can make single or monthly donations to support the ongoing operating costs.

Becoming a Friend of Kathok Centre is $15/year. All Kathok Center friends are on a flash email list allowing you expeditided correspondance of schedule changes, teachers arrivals and departures, lunches and dinners and bi-weekly emails with inspiration and transcripts from teachings and practices. Dues are renewed January 1st of each year.

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*sorry - no taxable donation receipts available for annual friends or members due to Government regulations
Becoming a Member of Kathok Centre is $50 annually, renewed January 1st each year. Members receive the same benefits as friends of Kathok Centre.

All first time applicants for membership may email society president Penny McGuire or Mary Pat

All members should be willing to take or have already taken refuge and be committed to regular practice according to the Longchen Nyingthik tradition.

A membership list will be maintained by the Secretary and the list can be made available for review by appointment during scheduled office hours. 
Membership dues are much appreciated and directly support the operation of the temple and its events.


Monthly Sponsorship

Supporter  $15/month – 15% off selected KC events

Individual Sponsorship $25 - $49/month – 25% selected KC events and all Open Meditation sessions included

Family Sponsorship  $50 - $99/month – 25% off selected KC events for up to 2 family members living in same household and all Open Meditation sessions for 2 people included

Benefactor  $100-$500/month – 50% off selected KC events and all Open Meditation sessions included. Also includes one free KC weekend event/year.

*Please note Monthly Sponsorship doesn't include Annual Friends fee of $15 or Annual Membership fee of $50 as per Government regulations

For monthly offerings you can donate through the Donate Now button below and print your taxable donation receipts or send post dated cheques made to 'Kathok Centre' 2800 Grafton Ave. Qualicum Beach B.C. V9K 1W8

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Wish List... can you help ...?

Water storage systems for Community Garden and property


Fish Compost for gardens

Fresh Mulch

Bike rack for cyclists

Pagoda for gardens

New matching dinning room tables 4 tables + 16 chairs. DONATED - THANK YOU!

Large garden Shed

Want to donate towards any of the above?  Click on the donate button below

Projects for 2017 are:

*Inviting and hosting Lingtrul Rinpoche and visiting Teachers such as H.H. Getse Rinpoche and special guests for consecration cermony of the Guru Rinpoche Statue in Golden Shrine. Estimated $20,000 COMPLETED Aug 12-14!

* Continuing to pay down the remaining debt on the property

* 5 Day Vajrasattva Retreat -COMPLETED

* Year long monthly traditional Tibetan Buddhist practices along with Open Meditation, Silent Sitting & walking meditation times

5 Year Goals:

*Create a porch for the main temple to provide a weather appropriate entrance to the practice hall. This will include removal of the existing toilet area and an expanded ceremonial preparation space etc. Donations towards the $25,000 cost are much appreciated.

*Train up to a 10 day Vajrasattva Retreat

*To organize and refine the basement under Lingtrul Rinpoche's residence

*To continue paying down the remaining debt on the property

*Make the Temples and grounds wheel chair accessible; quote given was $10,000 so need donations to the amount to begin project.

*Build workshop to be able to keep up ongoing repairs

* Build traditional tibetan prayer wheels allowing visitors to generate merit COMPLETED!

*Build an outdoor offering house for butter lamps people can access any time. COMPLETED! Thank you to everyone who contributed!

Or if you prefer Pay Pal to donate select button below: no immediate Charitable receipt given. Keep your paypal receipt and submit to Kathok Treasurer for your donation receipt.

Kathok Centre is a registered Canadian charity. Tax receipts are available for all donations over $20.


Volunteer Work For Accumulation of Good Merit


  • Sweep floors and steps of Main Temple & Golden Shrine
  • Making butter lamps - see Margret
  • Clean windows in main temple & Golden Shrine
  • Weed gardens and paths
  • Weed path around and in front of main temple
  • Pick up dog poop around property
  • Clean bathrooms and outhouse
  • Ongoing specific projects – see Konchok
  • Clearing dead brush and debris from entire property and stacking into central location for burning later - see Shawn

For further information please email either or Mary Pat at

Kathok Gonpa BIN for federal charity: 89280 7165 RR0001. 

Society's B.C. incorporation number: S-33295.